Does a commercial lease need to be notarized

Should you require any advice with respect to your commercial lease, please do not hesitate to call our office and book an appointment to resolve any queries you may have. 08 exempts facilities management, construction and development, brokerage law, commercial leasing, commercial property management and litigation. From the way you have written this question it appears that there is nothing in writing. The tenant is also given a time period to correct the violation. Good luck with your apprenticeship! Answer given for general advice and is not a legal opinion, which would require an analysis of the facts and circumstances as well as the applicable law and regulations. CHAPTER 61. In Ohio, however, you notarize leases that are longer than three years. 22 Feb 2019 Code §55-2, required that a lease of real property for a term of more than five or (iii) the signature of the landlord must be properly notarized. Oct 12, 2010 · The lease will include a provision that requires the tenant to subordinate its lease to all existing and future loans. What to look for, how to be prepared, how to negotiate. Generally, a landlord will provide the tenant with a No, lease agreements do not need to be notarized in Arkansas. If your lease is longer than 3 years, you must have it signed and notarized in Ohio. witnesses. If the lease is over a year and not notarized, it will be legally recognized as month-to-month. If It's Longer, Then Maybe In Washington state, it's a legal requirement that you notarize leases with a term of more than one year. Commercial Leases The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this part, shall have the meanings ascribed to  Territorial application of article to goods covered by certificate of title. 255 of the Revised Code shall be signed by the grantor, mortgagor, vendor, or lessor For the lease agreement to be binding the landlord must sign and his signature must be witnessed. Jan 23, 2017 · When Entering into a Commercial Lease, Understand Your Obligations. Answer: The most common type of forms involved in a rental is a lease, with provisions for a security deposit to cover any damages. Often called the “Conveyancing Statute”, ORC Section 5301. Do not file your case before the notice period is up. Leases also must not contain language that absolves the landlord from their obligation to keep the property safe and habitable. Modifications of a lease may also require notarization, depending on the type of modification made. Essentially, for any lease in real property, the landlord must both sign the lease AND have the lease notarized. If a lease of over three years is not notarized and the parties end up disputing its terms, a court will deem the lease “defectively executed. 04. 020 and Washington case law, if a fixed lease term is for more than a year the lease must also be notarized. 1 decade ago. In the event of an oral lease, there needs to be some written summary of the agreement, even if it is not a formal lease. If the Guarantor is an executive with a corporation, does this make it a corporate guarantee? As the Guarantor of a continuing guarantee, what debts am I liable for? Attestation and Signing Details. One problem that some landlords and tenants can run into with multiple year leases is that they are unaware of Ohio’s signature and notarization requirements. Jun 18, 2014 · Therefore, some leases must be in writing and some leases may even be required to be acknowledged (i. The Illinois Security Deposit Interest Act requires residential landlords of   It's quite likely that any person who needs space in order to run their business will need to fill out a commercial lease application to begin the process of leasing  Need Help? Username or password · ICLE's website on mobile devices · Online purchasing · More help. Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on business - Commercial Leases - Entrepreneur. com Dec 05, 2015 · Now, Article 1358 of the Civil Code requires acts and contracts that create, transmit, modify or extinguish real rights over immovable property should appear in public document, which is achieved through notarization, suggesting that contracts involving land must be notarized. Oct 02, 2011 · mortgage loan" even if the Loan does not qualify as a "federally related mortgage loan" under RESPA. The length of this time period varies by location. Leases must include starting and ending dates. Proponents of the law say it will make lease deals more streamlined “in th 16 Jun 2009 Can Improperly Executed Commercial Leases Still Be Effective? What if your retail lease has only one witness – or no witnesses? Is the lease  Office Leasing Toolkitby Practical Law Real Estate Related Content business closures, electronic signatures, recordings and notarization laws, and All companies need office space to house their employees and run their businesses. Per RCW § 59. You can still be evicted for: Engaging in criminal activity on the property; It should be perfectly understood that an Arkansas court would consider this to be a binding contract in the event of a disagreement once this document has been signed, and especially if it is notarized. Jan 10, 2020 · How long does a tenant have to correct a lease violation? A lease violation notice, or lease violation letter, explains to the tenant that they are in default of the lease. The most common use for commercial lease amendments is to extend the term of the lease. In my practice, we deal with a lot of commercial leases on a regular basis, especially long-term leases. The term "rental agreement" is just another name for a lease. 010, leases for a fixed term of one year or less must be writing. A signed agreement between two or more parties does not have to be notarized. Moreover, the document does not need to conform to any particular standard. So if you’re buying a property and you want to record a cloud against the title so that your seller can’t sell it out from under you, then you might want to have it notarized and then file that at the county courthouse. This may also apply to unacknowledged one-year leases with any options to renew. Lease terms can last as long as a couple of years to as short as 3 months depending on the landlord’s terms. Dec 10, 2017 · As a rule of thumb, if a lease could last more than three years, it needs to be notarized. g. Leasing a vehicle can be cheaper on a monthly basis than paying for one in installments, and you can often afford to lease a much nicer car than y Do your research before signing anything, and understand that you need to be even more informed than your landlord. Leases lasting longer than one year will fall under the statute of frauds in most states and would need to be in writing in order to be enforceable. LEASES NEED NOT BE NOTARIZED, UNLESS THEY ARE GOING TO BE RECORDED, TO BECOME PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. Jun 20, 2016 · If you’re being evicted, you need to respond to the court quickly (within 10 days), so don’t delay seeking help if you need it. It is also important to countercheck with the specific needs of your state as these requirements vary from state to state. If your tenant does not obey the notice, or has not moved out when the notice period ends, you can file a case to evict the tenant. Apr 18, 2013 · But here's a summary: For a lease longer than one year, the landlord's signature must be acknowledged (notarized) in the same manner as a seller's signature on a deed. 5. 2A-106 , Limitation on power of parties to consumer lease to choose applicable law and  4 Mar 2015 Signing a lease is a fairly common business transaction. e. You are simply an occupant of someone that does have a lease. But if the lease is not notarized, both parties need to plan for the worst. Never accept the word of a third party as being sufficient for identification to justify notarizing a person’s signature. But, both residential and non-residential leases must be notarized and contain a legal description if the term exceeds a year. This Lease has been designed to be as simple as possible, in that all you need to do as the Landlord is fill in the appropriate information, and have both parties sign it. ICLE Info. You will still pay your rent monthly in most c Since it’s not always easy to anticipate future business needs, you’ll want to build in flexibility when negotiating a lease with your landlord. See the following chart to learn more about North Carolina's lease and rental agreement laws. Agent's name (if applicable) Tenant's name. The industry-accepted abbreviation for this term is “NNN. The landlord and tenant can agree to have the lease notarized for additional legal protections, but it is optional. 6 Jun 2019 Once heads of terms have been agreed, the "lease pack" will be sent to may have to be notarized in order to be valid and some countries will  A Q&A guide to commercial real estate leasing law for landlords and tenants in In the form prescribed by the jurisdiction in which the notarization occurred (RCW Commercial security deposits do not need to be held in an intere Commercial landlords do not have to hold security deposits in an interest bearing account. LEASES ARE RARELY RECORDED, EVEN IF THEY ARE FOR MAJOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, AS THEY BECOME CLOUDS ON THE PROPERTY TITLE AND CAN CAUSE COMPLICATIONS. Can I fill in the date   23 Nov 2015 On the other hand, odds are that failing to notarize when required will cause. Jun 05, 2013 · It Is Always Wise (And Sometimes Required) To Notarize Commercial Real Estate Leases. Tenants would not have the stability of knowing that their le 1 Apr 2019 detect the commercial-property lease as a regulatory action as well. As long as the lease is valid and legally binding, there is no need for notarization. While performance under a lease may remove it from the requirements of R. In general, a contract does not need to be notarized or witnessed to be binding. The notarized or not is up to the parties involving in the contract. For example, if a lease allowed a business to occupy office space for a three-year period and the business wants to continue using the space at the end of the lease period, a commercial lease amendment could be prepared to extend the lease for another three-year period (or for any other time period the If a landlord requests a lease guarantor form as part of your application for a home, they oftentimes will ask that it be notarized. At DSS Law, our solicitors have extensive experience in property and leasing matters. " A lease is a contractual agreement between the tenant and the landlord to occupy a property for a fixed period of time and agreed upon terms. It’s not enough to “get it in writing” with regard to enforceability of a commercial lease of real property in Ohio, although that is a necessary first step. But all documents to be recorded in the Public Records must be notarized so if a lease is to be recorded then it must be notarized. Having a notarized document is not necessary, but it is helpful if your contract is ever taken to court. I do not know when the lease will be signed. If you record something, it’s going to have to be notarized. All leasing agreements must show an intent on the part of the landlord to convey to the tenant the present right to possess and occupy the leased premises. 5301. However, the said provision does not go into the validity of a Mar 08, 2009 · Generally, no. The tenant does not need to sign for the lease to be binding, occupation of the premises is considered to be acceptance of the lease agreement. 01. , notarization). The Texas TREC does not require aWe have an option contract that has a provision to get it notarized & I am wondering if that is really the case. As for the rest of the documents people sign in Hawaii such as rental agreements, construction contracts, commercial leases or asset purchase agreements, signing in front of a Hawaii notary is not required because it is not needed to make that contract binding. No, lease agreements do not need to be notarized in Texas. Feb 18, 2021 · Notarization – Some states, like Ohio, require that your commercial lease of three or more years not only be signed, but must be notarized in order to be valid. The wrong terms c Negotiating a commercial lease is a complicated task for many small business owners and managers. Getting the best lease terms can be a make-or-break deal for a new or growing business. (Q) "Successor in Interest of Borrower" means any party that has taken title to the Property, whether or not that party has assumed Borrower's obligations under the Note and/or this Security Instrument. Witnesses in a Contract Does a Land Lease Need to Be Recorded?. 01 Acknowledgment of deed, mortgage, land contract, lease or memorandum of trust. In other words, if a lease is for exactly three years or less, it does not have to be notarized. A lease does not need to be notarized to be valid. ) But for most contracts, we do not generally require them to be witnessed or notarized, to be "legal. If they don’t, then the term of the lease is void. (Of course there are exceptions, such as those imposed for wills, for recording real estate documents, and possibly, involving divorce arrangements. If the vehicle is purchased from an individual and the purchase price is below 50% of the current NADA Clean Loan Book value, a notarized bill of sale must accompany the application for title, or the tax will be assessed on the NADA Clean Loan Book value. This applies to automatic renewals and options alike. Dec 22, 2019 · An easement that is necessary for the complete use and enjoyment over a piece of land by an owner, is known as an easement by necessity. When Notarizing Isn’t Required, But It’s Smart to Do So Sep 04, 2020 · Does the declaration have to be notarized? No. Check your contract before you sign it. The only exception to this general rule is any lease that does not exceed three years. As long as it is printed on stamped paper and signed by both parties and by two witnesses, it is considered binding. In commercial lease arrangements, there are no statutory or legal disclosures or compliance certificates required to be delivered by either the landlord or tenant. For example, some states require a notary for a commercial lease that is 3 years or longer. While a few states require leases of a certain length to be notarized, Arkansas is not one of them. The tenant or landlord can request that the lease be notarized if they wish, but it is not required. 01 (the Statute of Conveyances) requires that all leases three years or longer be signed and notarized. Lease and Rental Agreement Laws in North Carolina. Moreover, under RCW 64. 36 and notarized,61 whereas Washington maintains the same requirement. Yes, by selecting 'Unsure' as the date the agreement will be signed, a blank line will be inserted into the contract so that you can add the correct date after printing the document. Is a lease deemed to include an implied warranty of fitness for intended use? In a commercial real estate lease, there is no implied warranty of fit-ness for intended use. Oct 24, 2019 · Yes. In notarizing a lease guarantor form , the notary public verifies the identity of those signing and confirms their willingness and understanding of what they’re about to sign. Herein, is a contract legally binding if it is not notarized? In general, a contract does not need to be notarized or witnessed to be binding. However, if you want to authenticate it by a notary, you can do so. Mobile Homes If you rent a mobile home on private property or in a park, then the regular landlord-tenant rules apply to your situation and you probably have a lease with just the mobile home owner. You may also desire to obtain a consent to conduct a background check from the tenant. C 5301. 19 Jun 2017 Those involved in the leasing of commercial property, whether as the Before an eviction action can be filed, the landlord is required to give  Does a contract between two people have to be notarized to be legal? Commercial lease agreement - the tenant pays the landlord to use the premises to run  17 May 2016 For commercial landlords, a recorded Notice of Lease can interfere with future plans for the notarized signatures of the parties Although not required, Tenant should also reference any rights of first refusal, opti 14 Feb 2010 The tenants, therefore, should push for their crucial needs and have a comprehensible set of critical business points when entering into  21 Dec 2018 Should you go for Registered Rent Agreement or a Notarized Rent what is the requirement for registering a lease agreement or lease deed. For over 30 years Mr. Posted On Jan 23, 2017. Commercial leases in Ohio must be in writing and signed (See  If you have entered into a lease agreement for commercial retail, warehouse, office Before finalizing your commercial lease amendment in writing, you should as applicable in the state where the document is being signed and notari The lease contains the obligation to pay rent, the notary will issue the The rental agreement will thus be able to be executed, in all conditions, without the need for a court It is also apply for commercial lease, rural lease, pr In most cases, you do not need a notarized lease in NYC. It can also result in a fairly common mistake – not fully executing the lease and making it invalid. Mar 15, 2018 · Unless your state requires that all contracts are notarized, you don't have to do anything more than sign the agreement. The property's physical address is considered a valid description. To be valid for the entire period of the lease, if a lease is for a term of more than one year, it must be notarized. Being Notarized not A commercial lease is a legally binding contract made between a landlord and a business tenant. Wood has represented owners in the design and negotiation of commercial leases covering in excess of 50 million square feet of retail, of fi ce and mixed use space projects. The drafting and registration of leases can often be a complex and time consuming process. 08 , the acknowledgment is unnecessary if the lease term is three years or less. §2742. You do not get credit for taxes paid to another state. In City Electric Louisiana Commercial Lease. What I am confused about here is if there is a lease at all. TRANSFER OF RIGHTS IN THE PROPERTY Nov 17, 2014 · A great way for cosigners to handle this is to say that a roommate agreement is something that the tenants need to sign before the cosigners will sign their lease as a guarantor. Entering into a commercial lease is a significant responsibility for both the landlord and tenant. The opposite applies to the long-term leases nonetheless. ” Triple-net leases are different than a regular, or single-net, commercial lease. All the parties involved will need to obey the terms of this lease from the start date defined on it until the date of termination defined by this document. , does the tenant still have quiet possession of the premises)? Is the  While rental agreements (leases) are not required to be in writing, you will be should clearly outline the terms of the agreement and be notarized when signed. 04) with respect to leases, provides in pertinent part that “ no lease of, in, or out of lands, tenements or hereditaments shall be granted, exceptin writing, signed by The tenant of a small business under a long-term lease runs an even greater risk because unless the lease contains a specific requirement that the landlord make affirmative efforts to re-let the premises after the tenant defaults (a rarity in commercial leases), a commercial landlord is generally under no such duty. After all, a   24 Jul 2020 Commercial real estate leases in Florida may be harder to execute during the sign a document personally has become increasingly antiquated. Dec 06, 2020 · Changes to the terms of the lease can be made by an appropriate written notification. Before a commercial lease is finalized, it is critical that both sides perform due diligence on the lease provisions and protections. Jan 27, 2016 · Thus, from the above regulations, we can see that currently, Vietnam law is not compulsory that tenancy agreement have to be notarized. (A) A deed, mortgage, land contract as referred to in division (A)(21) of section 317. In addition, per Revised Code 5301. Ohio Revised Code 5301. Does the guarantee need to be witnessed by someone? What is a notary public certificate? The statute does, however, exempt leases not exceeding three years from these requirements. 01 provides in pertinent part that “leases [and deeds, mortgages, land contracts and other recordable instruments pertaining to real property] must be signed by the … lessor in the case A lease for longer than month to month must be in writing. The law does not require that the tenant's signature be witnessed, but you can do so if you want to ( or  I'm not sure about Minnesota, but Florida requires commercial leases to Here in North Carolina, we do not need to have them notarized for  9 Jan 2019 However, a lease or a “leasehold interest” will only be created legally if Exclusive possession means that you, as the tenant, have the right to  CONTRACT: Commercial Lease Agreements, Types of Commercial Property, The terms and conditions on an agreement can have a significant impact and  24 Apr 2020 Do the leased premises remain accessible and in the tenant's control (i. Sep 19, 2019 · Most—but not all—states require the lease to be in writing to be considered valid. Ohio’s “Statute of Frauds” ( ORC Section 1335. Commercial agreements may be more complicated than a residential agreement and should not be entered into without the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney for the respective parties. According to RCW 59. This section of our site covers some of the most common (and important) commercial lease terms. R. Signatures on the lease do not need to be witnessed. If you file early, the tenant can have the court case dismissed. 01(a), it will not protect a landlord who seeks to enforce an improperly executed lease when performance has not commenced. To have the lease notarized, a new lease must be drawn up by the landlord listing you and your fiance Mar 03, 2020 · Answer: Typically, no. 08 of the Revised Code, or lease of any interest in real property and a memorandum of trust as described in division (A) of section 5301. In the state of Connecticut, does a lease for commercial office space have to be notarized in order to be considered "valid"? NO, the execution of the lease by persons with the apparent power and authority is enough - that's additional requirements which aren't necessary UNLESS the contract so provides that it MUST be notarized to be effective. If your three-year lease is not notarized, it will be found invalid, effectively making the lease a month-to-month or year-to-year lease, depending on the circumstances. There’s really no logical need for it, though. If a landlord requests a lease guarantor form as part of your application for a  This Standard Document does not favor either party but has integrated notes with business closures, electronic signatures, recordings and notarization laws,  14 Dec 2019 FAQs News: If you have already got or are still in the pursuit of a place for yourself (in For a commercial rental lease, you can do the Stamp Duty and Notarized rent agreement is made on 100 and 500 rupees stamp p 14 Jun 2013 What Makes A Lease “Enforceable” – What You Need to Know state where it was formed and is in good standing and qualified to do business in the documents that need to be notarized and confirmation of the number of&n Commercial Leases. 08. Law Library. The forms do not need to be witnessed or notarized. However, if the intent is to record the lease contract with the county clerk, so as to provide public notice of the lease, then the document must be notarized -- otherwise the clerk will refuse to record. Lv 7. While it's not for everyone, there are significant benefits to leasing a car over buying one. com If you've never been involved in renting commercial space, your first glimpse of a commercial lease may be overwhelming. Some courts may decline to order the landlord to perform the lease. Jan 12, 2014 · No, it is not necessary to notarize a contract. This section will guide you through key issues such as how to choose space, negotiate favorable lease terms, understand the difference between Commercial tenants sometimes refer to a lease as triple-net. LawDepot Blog. Aug 07, 2018 · Yes, Virginia, Leases for More than 5 Years Really Do Need to be in the Form of a Deed - Virginia Supreme Court Allows Early Termination of Lease not in Compliance with Statute of Conveyances notarized. In general an unacknowledged lease for a term exceeding one year is effective only as an oral lease and results in a tenancy from month to month. Notice of lease; requirements and effect. In Louisiana, does a commercial lease have to be witnessed or notarized in order to be enforced? Asked on 9/25/07, 7:04 pm. Does a commercial lease agreement need to be notarized? The answer depends on your state and the length of your lease. Does a commercial lease agreement need to be notarized? Signed Generally, states require that commercial leases be signed by the party or parties to be charged. 010, if the lease is longer than one year, the execution of the lease must be acknowledged (i. See full list on leaserunner. A payment application generally doesn’t need to be notarized, unless the contract explicitly calls for it. The effect of the decision, therefore, exposed countless commercial 20 Jul 2020 A look at the lease signing process, including who needs to sign the lease, some managers might require the tenant to have the signature notarized. New York considers a lease to be a contract, and most contracts do not need to be notarized. You must consider what business you want to allow on your property, what kind Having a lease witnessed or even notarized at the time of signing will help its  Marketing for Remote Online Notarization Business You can identify the types of work you do: “Property conveyance/deeds, leases, bills of sale, medical  A landlord's proposed lease is just the starting point from which you can negotiate the playing field, you need to learn a bit about the terms of a business lease, . ” Jun 28, 2011 · Unless the requirement is specific to Oklahoma, generally speaking a lease of any kind does not have to be notarized. it's a standard contract. 62A. The lease gives a tenant the right to use certain property for a business or commercial activity for a period of time in exchange for money paid to the landlord. Among the states that require written leases, valid ones must include a description of the property. MOST LEASES HAVE PROVISIONS THAT THEY ARE NOT TO BE RECORDED, SO THEY NEED NOT BE NOTARIZED. In other circumstances, like fraud or duress, a lease can be declared void at the request of one A notarized document proves that a person who objects to the agreement was someone who signed it. A notary is not obligated to notarize a person’s signature without being sure that the person is who he or she claims to be. Legal Dictionary. Contact information for the lessor and lessee for legal purposes. This is particular for written contracts, so a notarized document can be relevant in documents that have to be written. In India, it is not mandatory to certify an overly notarized lease. Jul 17, 2010 · Favorite Answer. (1) In lieu of recording a written lease or sublease or any amendment or modification thereof, as provided by Civil Code Article 3338, a party may record a notice of lease or sublease, signed by the lessor and lessee of the lease or sublease. Unlike a rental agreement, a lease does not automatically renew up 19 Sep 2018 Does a lease guarantor form need to be notarized? In short, yes. What evictions are covered? Evictions for non-payment of rent are covered. The reason is that a long term lease is a distant relative of a deed, and a seller's signature on a deed must notarized. May 17, 2016 · A Notice of Lease should contain the following information: the execution date of the lease; the commencement date of the lease term; the length of the lease; all extension/renewal rights; notarized signatures of all of the parties to the lease; a description of the leased premises matching the description in the lease; and Commercial leases in Ohio must be signed by the lessor, and the lessor’s signature must be acknowledged before a notary or other official, according to Revised Code 5301. , notarized). The triple-net lease transfers all of t If you are looking for space for a new business, or if you are taking a business out of the home and researching commercial spaces, you may be surprised at how commercial leases are calculated. June 5, 2013. You'll find in 7 tips for getting the best deal when negotiating for commercial office space. The Vermont Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal document that is used between the landlord and tenant of a commercial property. Notarized Commercial Lease Form Description: This Notarized Commercial Lease was designed to allow a person who currently owns commercial property rent it out to a tenant. Leases don’t have to be notarized. Note: The notice does not need to be notarized before it is given to the tenant. But the landlord should not assume that it can ignore a lease that has not been notarized, even if the term is for more than three years. However, in order to ensure the interests of the parties in the contract, the parties could consider notarized housing lease contracts. The second necessary step with regard to enforceability of commercial leases of real property in Ohio is acknowledgement (e. Mar 25, 2013 · Legally, you do not have a lease. This doesn’t make the lease void, it simply questions the validity of the lease term. Roommate agreements don't have to be notarized, as long as everyone agrees later on that they signed it, and these agreements should say clearly who is responsible for R. If you’re a small-business owner, leasing commercial property is one of the biggest decisions you can make, as it may mean the diffe 29 May 2020 Do state or local laws set out any mandatory or prohibited provisions in lease agreements? Commercial leases have no mandatory or prohibited  Rentals will allow the business owner to maintain more of their profits for reinvestment and payment of monthly expenditures, required insurance and other  When would the tenants have to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned? Signing Details. We have an option contract that has a provision to get it notarized & I am wondering if that is really the case. A real estate instrument that affects any property transfer or conveyance of an interest in real property is typically recorded at the register of deeds Most states do allow oral agricultural leases of under one year because leases that can be performed within one year or less generally fall outside of the statute of frauds. Such an easement can occur in a right of way situation, where a neighbor needs to access a public street by crossing over the neighbor’s property that is impeding them from doing so. Nov 23, 2015 · Any commercial lease of threeyears or more (including option terms) must be in writing, signed and notarized. This gives the lender the option, after a foreclosure, of either recognizing Dec 14, 2018 · A lease is automatically void when it is against the law, such as a lease for an illegal purpose. Signature from each party (for large-scale lease agreements, the signatures should be authorized by a notary public) Another option for your Alabama commercial lease agreement will include: Lessor's name. They are lengthy, full of jargon and unfamiliar terms, and always writt The terms of your commercial lease, when not thoughtfully negotiated, can come back to haunt you and your business down the road. Jan Luv. notarized). A. 0 found this answer helpful Jun 20, 2016 · North Carolina lease and rental agreement laws limit deposits to two-month’s rent for leases over one month, while prohibiting discrimination on the basis of familial status. The lease is still valid. By Janet Portman, Attorney Since it’s not always easy to anticipate future business needs, you’ Before leasing a commercial property, there are seven crucial things to consider when making your decision. It is sworn, so if you sign it but it does not apply to you, you can be prosecuted for perjury because of the language on the form. iiiIf your three-year lease is not notarized, it will be found invalid, effectively making the lease a month-to-month or year-to-year lease, depending on the circumstances. Always check identification and be satisfied that the identification is valid. C. If a lease is longer than one year and it is not acknowledged, then it may be interpreted to be only a month to month lease, not a one-year lease. What we do · Who we are · Contributor  This Lease has been designed to be as simple as possible, in that all you need to do as the Landlord is fill in the appropriate information, and have both parties  This is no big deal; it will not affect the validity of the lease. Does a lease need to be notarized? Generally speaking, you do not need to notarize a lease agreement for short term leases.